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Benchmarks of FSMs and Logic Circuits


Benchmarks | Benchmarks of FSMs and Logic Circuits | Logic Circuit Benchmarks

Benchmarks of FSMs and Logic Circuits

These benchmarks are the result of our many years' collection of examples from different sources. This section has two subsections: FSM Benchmarks and Logic Circuit Benchmarks (combinational circuits). Each subsection contains four or five sets according to the complexity of examples of Small, Medium, Large, Huge, and SuperHuge (SuperHuge is only for FSMs). 


To download the benchmarks, please login/sign-up to access FSM Benchmarks and Logic Circuit Benchmarks.

Each set in subsection FSM Benchmarks has four folders:

  1. ASMs (Algorithmic State Machines).

  2. T1 – FSM as a table;

  3. VHDL – FSM in VHDL;

  4. Verilog – FSM in Verilog.

To understand the ASM representation, look here

​Subsection Logic Circuit Benchmarks contains non-minimized multioutput circuits. Each set in this subsection has a format M12 – netlists in files name.m12. In this file:​

  • The numbers of gates are in the first column.

  • Inputs of gates (xi – input of the circuit, ep – output of gate p) are in the second column.

  • Outputs of gates are in the third column.

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