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SubAsm Inclusion

ASMAt the last step of ASM transformations Synthagate inserts all component ASMs (generalized operators) and constructs one combined and minimized Functional ASM Funcmi without generalized operators. Here we repeated ASMs day (Fig. 1), night (Fig. 2) and all generalized operators (Fig. 3) for traffic light controller, presented in section "ASMs in GUI, System C and VHDL".

Figure 1. ASM Day

Figure 2. ASM Night

Figure 3. Generalized operator (SubASMs) for day and night

HLS tool Synthagate combined ASMs Day and Night in one combined ASM (Fig. 4).

Figure 4. ASM day_night after combining day and night

ASM Day_Night after inserting generalized operators is presented in Fig. 5. As you saw before, designer should draw very small ASMs (average number about 8-10 vertices in initial ASMs), but after combining, minimization and inserting generalized operators, the final functional ASM can contain even several hundred vertices. This ASM presents a whole behavior of the designed system and, in our not complex example, contains 36 vertices. Once again, there are no constraints on the number of generalized operators and the number of levels of their insertion.

The same steps take place when a designer initially presents ASMs in SystemC or in VHDL.

Figure 5. ASM day_night after inserting generalized operators

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