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Design your chips with Synthagate

Synthagate v2.3.2 has just released

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Try the tool for HLS & RTL Synthesis of digital systems

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Our Products

Synthagate HLS & RTL Tool

Synthagate is a tool for the design of Control and Data Path Intensive Systems with very complex Control Units containing numerous inputs and outputs. Read more...

Logic Synthesizer

Our fast Logic Synthesis of FSM and combinational circuits reduces the circuit area of very complex Finite state machines and combinational circuits by as much as 50%,  Read more...

Who are we
Synthagate's Mission
Designer productivity with HLS tools

Productivity vs. Capability

Synthagate's Mission

To close this gap by increasing designer productivity with new High Level Synthesis tools.

Why High Level Synthesis

Why High Level Synthesis?

Synthagate is the tool for the design of Data path and Control dominated systems

The more complex the Control in your design is, the more Synthagate will help you

Why High Level Synthesis?
DSP to Processing Units
Digital System applications from DSP to Processing Units

We cover most Digital Systems
applications from DSP to Processing Units.

Design your digital system with Synthagate within days!

Innovative High level design
Automated Control Unit Design
Automated Data Path Design
Very Fast Runtime
Unique Logic Design
Correct by Construction Synthesis
Circuit area Reduction
Multiple Design Versions
Easier Design
Full Automation 
Design Flow in Synthgate

Design Flow in Synthagate

Synthagate Design Flow
Draw or write algorithms

Draw or write your algorithms

There is no need for hardware description languages with Synthagate.

Not only hardware designers, but designers of algorithms can use Synthagate for hardware design at the High level and Register transfer levels. 

No hardware description languages
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